Baldwinville Nursing Home

Baldwinville...the best kept secret

Baldwinville Nursing Home began as a 20–bed facility in 1958 and has grown through the decades in response to the increasing need for high quality care for elders. We are now a 94–bed Medicare certified facility which provides comprehensive rehabilitation and restorative services. Baldwinville Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is one of only a few non-profit nursing homes in Massachusetts. All income goes directly into services and care for the residents.

The focus of our services has always been to concentrate on the most important aspect of operating a nursing home—the resident. Our primary goal is to assist the resident in continuing to live life with the greatest degree of dignity and independence possible. A nursing home is only as good as the people who provide resident care. We shall remain committed to offer highly individualized personal attention to meet each resident's needs.

Short and Long Term Stays...
for a variety of diagnoses.


Post Surgical Recovery

Orthopedic Conditions


Pulmonary Complications

General Debility

Our program offers:


  Root Beer Floats Fundraiser (A) - 2:30 pm

  Clothing Show with Caring Concepts (L3) - 2:00 pm

  Bake Sale Fundraiser (A) - 2:00 pm